Hello, I’m Eric Williams and I’ve had a passion for photography since I was very young.  I enjoy capturing moments and telling a story through the images I create.  I became interested in photography when I acquired my first camera which was an old Minolta 35 mm I picked up from a garage sale. Over the years I have captured many different events, people and various interesting things that may have caught my eye. The excitement of the capture and the creation of a memorable moment in time is the thrill and the blessing that photography brings, within those moments are opportunities for thought, remembrances of places, smells, feelings and more. As a photographer, I seek those things, places or people that tell a story with every bit of experience I acquire.  I enjoy shooting toys, landscapes, portraits, macro photos and I’m always looking for new ventures to create and grow as a photographer. I hope my images bring you enjoyment and maybe bring another opportunity for a future venture.